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    Syydnee:) (@Ohh_Syyd) tweeted at 10:25 PM on Sun, May 19, 2013: “@MiguelATweets: I encourage you to smile despite the heartbreaks you been through” (https://twitter.com/Ohh_Syyd/status/336352009093541889) Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download

  2. anthonybila:

    The “Self Expression” Series #1

    A series chronicling my personal style, bringing African style to the world.

    Location: Rosebank, South Africa 

    Photographed by: Stacey van der Walt

    Follow me on Instagram: The Expressionist

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    My ideal guy. South African fresh!

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  3. One of the best mixes in the world! #NowPlaying on @8tracks: “Yeah, Forget You ” at http://8tracks.com/beccanc204/yeah-forget-you - Sent from the 8tracks Android app


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    Truth:Janelle ♥ ❀ (@Janelley_Nell) tweeted at 9:32 PM on Wed, Apr 03, 2013: As much as I want to believe we can fix things… I don’t think we can. ;( (https://twitter.com/Janelley_Nell/

  5. Fresh.

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  6. Fashooo. Main goal of mine. DeeJayy!

    Four shades of love <3 #music #dj

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